About Us

Little Montana Gifts was formed in combination with our own farm, Little Montana Farm & Apiary to offer the best available products on the market.
Shop and buy Handcrafted Gifts, Survival Gear, Bug Out Gear, Metaphysical Gifts, Collectibles, Self Defense Gear, Home & Garden, Seasonal Decor and much, much more.
All of our seeds, flowers, handcrafted body care & handcrafted herbals are made from fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in our garden at Little Montana Farm & Apiary.
We believe in the high standard of being Organic, absolutely no chemicals and extreme care in our plants to produce the healthiest plants and herbals available.
We firmly believe that what you feed your plants is what you feed yourself and your family and this is the foundation to why we take extreme care in producing completely Organic, Non-GMO products.
We sell the highest quality protection and life sustaining products available.
We value honest business practices and values.
We believe in and support our veterans who have served for this country, as well as the medicinal use of Cannabis and support it’s research and legalization.
We offer quality products so you are prepared while you are camping, hunting, walking alone, jogging, shopping, running errands, and home protection for your family.
We stand behind all our products sold, offering the best service possible to our valued customers.